Shear the alpaca for their wool.

Screenshot from 2016-11-16 00:08:00


  • v.0.4.8: Now you can save buys. Upgrades are also saved, but you have to upgrade once from where u left off to view it.
  • v.0.4.5: Save button added. It is a bit bugged.
  • v.0.4: All sounds are now properly muted. Animation update. Added donation button, hehe.
  • v.0.3: Added number of upgrades and it now shows how much you get for each upgrade. The smuggler is changed.
  • v.0.2: Created changelog. Added descriptions
  • v.0.1: Open beta released!

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1 post Layout of game quite messy

3 years ago by Lorna

This is a nice game, as far as incremental games go, but I have to say that the layout is not very appealing and there is a lot that could be done to improve the sound effects. Just my opinion.

1 post Mentally stimulating games

3 years ago by FoFum

I have found that these kind of games to be quite fun, but I have a couple of concerns here. I have a little problem with the sound at every click. How do you turn that off?


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