A game about building a spaceship.

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A game about building a spaceship. You send your spaceship into space. You’ll get some money for every meter your ship travels. Gathered money will allow you to buy parts for the ship. Parts can be installed only on Earth. So you’ll have to go back to Earth from time to time and start your journey all over again. When you reach a planet, you will be able to do a restart and collect some refugees. Each refugee gives a little bonus to speed. This game is pretty cool but it gets slower the further you are.

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Developed by:
Zack5050f Published 3 years ago

1 post Why Meters?

3 years ago by Code62

Not that it's a big deal, but why the measurement in meters? And just so people know, upgrades is another word for parts. So far so good though, I like this one.

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