Finally, a game where cat-clicking gets hardcore.

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A clicker game about cat and Major League Gaming meme. This game is simply insane. It constantly puts a “wtf?” expression on your face. Let’s reveal some building names and you’ll know what I mean. These are: “mountain dew”, “doge”, “snoop dogg” and so on. Your cat can be upgraded with accessories in the shop. There’s a lot to do on the left side of the screen. You can check your current experience level there. You can spend your skill points and buy upgrades for buildings. The coins can be obtained only in the MLG mode. You can begin it by pressing a button on the bottom of the screen. This game is sooo dumb. It’s fun.

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denisolenison Published 2 years ago

1 post Cute but better with guidance

1 year ago by Pallas

Seems like a really fun game of the idle game genre; I just wish the game came with some simple instructions as it's tough figuring this out initially.


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