Side project created by some CERN undergrads

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The CERN particle clicker is a game featuring a virtual Hadron Collider. This game allows you to click different sections and to note any and all changes that happen inside the collider. When you've done a certain number of experiments (clicked a certain number of times) then you gain funding and a reputation. At that point you can hire research assistants, buy them beer and coffee, and keep your virtual lab running like a well-greased bearing. The more times you click and the more experiments you run, the more knowledge you create, and thus the bigger and more efficient your lab becomes.

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1 post Knowledge gained?

3 years ago by phantomlight

A fun game scenario! And I thoroughly enjoyed the physics content so, here's a question - what new scientific knowledge did you gain from this game? Personally, well, I had never heard of the top quar...

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