Organized world domination

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Checklist of Doom is a text based online computer game. The story revolves around your player character whom is a burgeoning criminal mastermind. The master mind has no minions, no secret organization, no money and little in the way of gadgetry, but he has a scheme - to cause a total eclipse by moving the moon over the sun and holding sunlight for ransom!

Obviously, the tone of the game and it's subsequent storytelling is primarily humorous. The game then presents you with different multiple choices to complete each scheme. Every time one scheme is completed you will progress, ever closer to total world domination! It is very similar to a pick your own path novel and would be highly recommended to anyone that likes them.

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Incremental Building Strategy

Build structures and get achievments.

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Eternity Tower

Mine, craft and ascend the tower

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Maybe there's something meaty and delicious here to Trap

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