Create your own New World Order

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Conspiracy Clicker is an "incremental game," that is, a game in which the player performs tasks, in this case clicking, to amass resources. The goal in Conspiracy Clicker is to control Industry, Politics, and Media; the player must gain resources in these three sectors to progress. Progress is monitored with a bar at the top and resources can be funneled from one sector to any other (e.g., Media can distribute propaganda to influence Politics). The game can be completed in a short time and is played through a browser.

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Developed by:
Deathray Published 4 years ago

Pizza Barrell Llama

Eat a pizza. Get you some barrel. Pet the llama.

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Cats Who Stare At Ghosts

You are a cat and exorcise ghosts with your paws (Android)

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Click your way to becoming the next great novelist

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