See all your heroes out to retirement to complete the game!

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Your father was a great adventurer, but as his son you do not possess the same skill or fortitude. Take your father’s inheritance and build up a hero agency to keep adventuring in the family!

  • 3 different hero classes with varying starting bonuses!
  • Avoid hiring greedy heroes to maximize profits!
  • Gain universal rewards by completing tasks and cash them in around town.
  • Train your heroes in 4 abilities to progress in the way you wish.
  • Don’t let your heroes get K.O’d as they will be permanently destroyed and you will need to pay insurance costs!
  • 14 achievements all unlockable in a single playthrough.

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1 post Best Strategy for Noobs

3 years ago by FoFum

As far as strategy and adventure games go, this one sounds really interesting. Before I dive right into it, I'd like to know what is the best strategy to employ in the beginning in order to make enoug...

1 post Precious money

3 years ago by phantomlight

This game gives me an enjoyable experience every time. A word of caution for players, though: make sure you employ a good strategy from the start to have enough money to sustain your heroes.


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