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Idle Bar Tycoon is an idle incremental bar tycoon game. You gain money by making food and selling it at higher price.

Features ★ Idle progress ★ Casual gameplay ★ Buy and sell food ★ Sell bulk stock of food ★ Skill system and special perks ★ Prestige system ★ Achievements ★ No internet required ★ Doesn't require too much clicking ★ Google Play Games (optional) ★ A clicker game where if you click too much you will lose money! ★ Designed for both phone and tablet

Manager your Bar, buy and sell food, upgrade, buy skill and perks and get idle profits.

Your bar will automatically buy and sell food even when you are gone. The chance of selling food is based on the total amount you have. Stock large amount of food and get insane idle profits when you come back.

You can also manually buy and sell however the selling price will decrease on selling, i don't want you clicking too much. This effect does not affect your idle earnings.

After unlocking trades you will be able to sell food in bulk to get even more profits.

Upgrade foods, skills and unlock perks. Perks may have some requirements and give you special game-changing effects. Choose upgrade and skill based on you game style.

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Developed by:
scorzy Published 3 years ago


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