Ever wanted to try being a Wizard? This game is just what you need!

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Create sources of mana, upgrade them, earn achievements and level up! With every action you grow mightier, and before long you will able to summon a Familiar to your side! Need a boost? Level up a bit and unlock Spellcasting! Use the void traps in your room to capture Void Mana!

Once you become powerful enough, you will be eligible to change you class and start a drastically different gameplay.

When you arrive at point in time where your progress gets stuck, use Exile to abandon your sources, upgrades, etc. and convert your earned Mana to Mysteries, which will boost your next gameplay!

Become the greatest Wizard of them all!

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1 post ok, this game cool

2 years ago by wauzoo

Did a google search "idle games". Craved a new idle adventure, played many of them .. grandmas cookies to clicker heroes and so on. I'm addicted to crusaders of lost idols atm. Pretty sure I found a n...

1 post The Progress

2 years ago by Code62

I like the way this game progresses. The way, and the timing of, that you class up is right on tune with most other games of the same genre.

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