Get bytes by filling up a bar, get XP and level up, and more!

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In this game you are earning memory, you can press spacebar to speed it up. When you will have enought bytes, you can buy buildings, which will increase your income. Also you will level up and you can spend your stat points for upgrading your stats. When you will have 500 buildings, you can reset this game and gain 1 chip (1 chip for 500 buildings).

Each 50 buildings increase building lvl (each lvl gives you *3 multiplier to this building) When you will have a lot of YottaBytes of memory, you will gain chips from your memory. Each chip increase your memory income by 15%. Also you can buy upgrades on your chips. When the game is closed, you receive 50% of your memory and 10% of your xp. Game autosaves every 20 seconds. It’s my second try:)

The goal of this game is buy mystical upgrade.

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