Build Bots to take over the universe

Anti-Idle: The Game

A game which you can play when you idle, and when you don't


Wow such mining, very rich!

Pixel This

Uncover pictures, pixel by pixel!

Junction Gate

Stranded on a space station, you must find a way to survive....


Blackmarket is a new fresh incremental-game!

Pizza Presser

A pizza clicking incremental game


Idle dungeon crawler


A semi-idle RPG where you click and make progress

Idling to Rule the Gods

Start from nil to Godliness!

Net Clicker

Hack the Networks!


Connect planets with satellite communications

Planet Running Master

Run around planets as fast as you can!

Second Derivative Clicker

An unofficial fan-made sequel to Derivative Clicker

Dr. Meth

Sling some meth

Reactor Incremental

An incremental clicker/idler about managing a nuclear reacto...

Candy Empirical

Make candy that makes candy

Dungeons of Derp

You're a newb in a dungeon. Figure it out!

Holyday City

Revive your City’s economy from the ashes...

A Dark Room

Stoke the fire. Attract strange wanderers. Explore dusty pat...


Click your way to becoming the next great novelist

Clicking Bad

Do it 'cause you like it. Do it for you.

Derivative Clicker

Math is easiest when you're just clicking

Critter Mound

Grow your critter mound starting with just a King and Queen

Checklist of Doom

Organized world domination

Fortress Clicker

Inspired by Dwarf Fortress / Gnomoria / etc...

Conspiracy Clicker

Create your own New World Order

Stranger Oceans

You are a shark in a strange blue sea

Kittens Game

Gather catnip to attract kittens

Merry Clickmas

Make toys > Wrap presents

Sandcastle Builder

The Dwarf Fortress of idle games. Incredibly deep and awesom...

Candy Box

Eat all the candies!


It's like being Walter White, but more chilled out

Rebuild the Universe

Rebuild the universe from scratch

Learn to Fly Idle

You're a penguin with a cannon. What more do you need to kno...

Megami Quest

Explore a new world with this RPG game

Cookie Clicker

Exploit grandma in pursuit of delicious profits


Become a mighty ruler of your own civilization

CERN Particle Clicker

Side project created by some CERN undergrads

Incremental Zoo

You're in charge of the zoo. Good luck!

Clicker Heroes

Almost like Pokemon and Mario combined

The Monolith

A mysterious black rock powers your civilization

Endless Battle

RPG incremental game inspired by Cookie Clicker

AdVenture Capitalist

World domination starts with a lemonade stand...

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