A game about passing zones

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V 3.1 – Decreased the overkill damage output on the Unique Dragons.


  • Now you can upgrade the Familiar Pet to a bigger and badder variant that does X amount of damage!
  • More updates and balancing fixes coming soon

CHROME RECOMMENDED (If game is running slow)

  • Click the enemy to attack.
  • Click your team to heal.
  • Warrior attacks and shields the group from harm.
  • Mage heals your warrior.
  • Rogue shoots both poison arrows that damage enemies over time and slowing arrows to hinder enemy attacks.
  • Collect coins and gems to purchase upgrades.
  • Some players miss this: When you defeat the first unique dragon you will unlock the auto-forward feature. You find the toggle to the left of your healthbar

If the game runs slow user Skwerly recommended this: “If you have lag issues, set Flash’s local storage for chat.kongregate.com to Unlimited. This kills lag in many games on the site. Dunno if it’ll help with this game, but it doesn’t hurt to try.” – Right click anywhere in the game window once it has finished loading, choose “settings” in the menu that appears, then the folder icon, then drag the slider all the way to the right to “unlimited”

Also available on Mobile (iOS and Android)

(Note: The mobile version have inapps with higher gem prices to match this. This is how I support myself on mobile to be able to develop my next game, so please don’t leave a bad rating on it because the Flash version have cheaper prices.)

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