Tap Titans

Slay bosses, earn gold, buy artifacts. Upgrade!

Cow Evolution

Baby cow + Baby cow = Adult cow?


Have you ever wondered how games are done?


Grind away in this clicker… and then craft stuff and downl...

Idle Killer

Spread your operation across the globe!

Goblin Treasure Hunt

Defeat monsters in the forest

Hero Simulator

An idle-rpg game about becoming a true hero...

Money Makers

Money money money


It’s your choice how to play.


Idle, Music, Upgrade

Tangerine Tycoon

Click the big tangerine to pick it.

Hobo Simulator

Rise from hobo to the president

Potatoes Clicker

Do you like potatoes?

Idle Choco Tycoon

All things chocolate

Anime Clicker 2

Kill pikachu! Also on Android!

Tap Heroes

A game about passing zones

Pixel RPG

Tap to slash monsters and use skills

Candy Bag

It's all aoubt wired Imps, some RPG fights and a lot of cand...

Rat Clicker RPG

Fight rats with dragons and meteors!

Idle Sword

Explore dungeons, collect items, beat the boss!

Banana Clicker

banana clicker idle incremental monkey palm

Poop Clicker

Click poop for more poop

Game dev studio

Create your game studio, and gain money.


Based on the Elder Scrolls series

Tap Company

Miami day trading startup's gonnna save the world


Get bytes by filling up a bar, get XP and level up, and more...

Idle Town

Build your Town and get rich!

Clicky Kitty

Click kitties, not cookies.

Blacksmith Lab

Forge weapons and get rich.

Destination Kepler

Click your way to space

Undefeated Spider

Kill the spider... try.


Mmmm java memory leak game

Idle City Builder

Build your city simply by clicking.

Froggie Clicker

Just click the froggie! You'll be laughing out loud!

Incremental Building Strategy

Build structures and get achievments.

Idle Adventure

Idle Adventure - Save the realm!

Cyber Expansion

Cyber Expansion incremental computer electronics

Shonen Idle Z

The Shonen Manga Experience!

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